PSync: Partial/Full Sync Library based on BF and IBF

PSync is a C++ library for name synchronization that implements the PSync protocol. It uses Invertible Bloom Lookup Table (IBLT), also known as Invertible Bloom Filter (IBF), to represent the state of a producer in partial sync mode and the state of a node in full sync mode. An IBF is a compact data structure where difference of two IBFs can be computed efficiently. In partial sync, PSync uses a Bloom Filter to represent the subscription of list of the consumer.

PSync uses the ndn-cxx library.



We greatly appreciate contributions to the PSync code base, provided that they are licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3 or a compatible license (see for more information). If you are new to the NDN software community, please read our Contributor’s Guide to get started.

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests to the PSync issue tracker.