PSync version 0.3.0

Release date: January 3, 2021

The build requirements have been increased to require Clang >= 4.0, Xcode >= 9.0, and Python >= 3.6. Meanwhile, it is recommended to use GCC >= 7.4.0 and Boost >= 1.65.1. This effectively drops official support for Ubuntu 16.04 when using distribution-provided Boost packages – PSync may still work on this platform, but we provide no official support for it.

New features

  • (breaking change) Consumer: change hello data callback to include sequence number (issue #5122)

Improvements and bug fixes

  • (breaking change) IBLT: make encoding endian safe (issue #5076)

  • Reset cached wire encoding after adding names (issue #5083)

  • Consumer reacts faster on Sync Interest timeout (issue #5124)

  • Move private classes and functions to psync::detail namespace

  • Improved unit tests

Known issues

  • We have taken some steps to be endian safe but PSync is not completely endian safe yet (issue #4818)