ndn-autoconfig-server [-h] [-V] [-p PREFIX]… FACEURI


ndn-autoconfig-server is a daemon that implements the server part for the stage 1 of NDN hub discovery procedure.

This daemon essentially waits for Interests for /localhop/ndn-autoconf/hub and satisfies them with a Data packet that contains a TLV-encoded FaceUri block. The value of this block is the Uri for the HUB, preferably a UDP tunnel.


FaceUri for this NDN hub.


A local prefix for which the local hub allows end applications to register prefixes (See more details in Local hub prefix discovery). One can supply more than one prefixes. All supplied prefixes will be put into the local prefix discovery data as described in Local hub prefix discovery. If no prefix is specified, auto-config-server will not serve any local prefix discovery data.


Print usage and exit.


Print version number and exit.

Exit status

0: No error.

1: An unspecified error occurred.

2: Malformed command line, e.g., invalid, missing, or unknown argument.

4: Insufficient privileges.


ndn-autoconfig-server tcp://spurs.cs.ucla.edu

ndn-autoconfig-server -p /ndn/edu/ucla tcp://spurs.cs.ucla.edu

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