nfdc status [show]
nfdc status report [<FORMAT>]


The nfdc status show command shows general status of NFD, including its version, uptime, data structure counters, and global packet counters.

The nfdc status report command prints a comprehensive report of NFD status, including:

  • general status (individually available from nfdc status show)

  • list of channels (individually available from nfdc channel list)

  • list of faces (individually available from nfdc face list)

  • list of FIB entries (individually available from nfdc fib list)

  • list of RIB entries (individually available from nfdc route list)

  • CS statistics information (individually available from nfdc cs info)

  • list of strategy choices (individually available from nfdc strategy list)



The format of NFD status report, either text or xml. The default is text.


nfdc(1), nfdc-channel(1), nfdc-face(1), nfdc-fib(1), nfdc-route(1), nfdc-strategy(1)