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 NnlsrCopyright (c) 2014-2020, The University of Memphis, Regents of the University of California
 CCertificateStoreStore certificates for names
 CAdjacentA neighbor reachable over a Face
 CAdjLsaRepresents an LSA of adjacencies of the origin router in link-state mode
 CConfFileProcessorA class containing methods to parse an NLSR configuration file
 CConfParameterA class to house all the configuration parameters for NLSR
 CCoordinateLsaRepresents an LSA of hyperbolic coordinates of the origin router
 CDatasetInterestHandlerClass to publish all dataset
 CFibMaps names to lists of next hops, and exports this information to NFD
 CLsaRepresents a Link State Announcement (LSA)
 CNameLsaRepresents an LSA of name prefixes announced by the origin router
 CNameMapAssigning numbers to router names
 CNextHopData abstraction for Nexthop
 CRoutingTableEntryData abstraction for RouteTableInfo
 CRoutingTableStatusData abstraction for routing table status
 CStatsCollectorClass designed to handle statistical signals in nlsr
 CSyncLogicHandlerNLSR-to-sync interaction point